Millenial Reign - Carry The Fire Again (2021 CD EP)

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We knew 2021 was going to be another killer year for Christian Metal! 

Check this one out that was just released independently by the band themselves in an effort to introduce their audience to their new front woman. And WOW does this girl have the pipes for it, she sounds amazing! 

Join us in welcoming in 2021 with the brand new CD EP from Millennial Reign ! 

Millennial Reign have re-released (sort of) a limited edition four song EP from their first album Carry The Fire, which has been aptly named Carry The Fire Again” The songs are updated with new vocal tracks by their current vocalist, Tiffany Galchutt and completely remixed and remastered.

Tiffany fronted the band as they supported international acts Accept, Stryper and Y&T in late 2019 to early 2020. The new EP track list will include “Way Up High,” “Millennial Reign,” “Innocent Cry” and “Men Stand Alone.”

Just released on January 15th this EP will be a limited edition run of physical CDs and downloads via Bandcamp only. Millennial Reign is currently in the studio recording their forthcoming album, planned for a 2021 release.

Millennial Reign is:

Tiffany Galchutt - Lead Vocals
Dave Harvey - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Neil Bertrand - Bass, Backing Vocals
Steve Nichols - Drums

Tack Listing:

1. Way Up High

2. Millennial Reign

3. Innocent Cry

4. Men Stand Alone

Check out the track 'Way Up High'