Menchen - Red Rock [CD]

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The album is truly a collaboration of the most talented players in the metal scene. Bill Menchen (Titanic, The Seventh Power, Final Axe) dominates as a master on guitar, Robert Sweet (Stryper) handles drums, Tony Franklin (Whitesnake, Quiet Riot, The Firm) is one of the world's most sought after and recognizable bassists, and vocals by the ultra-talented His Witness lead singer, Ken Redding all work together to create this stunning masterpiece! RED ROCK does a great job of building off the influences and former bands of these great players, while coming up with something inventive. "MENCHEN" has its own unique sound so I find it difficult to nail down direct comparisons" (Angelic Warlord. com). With stunning artwork by Finland's Jan Yrlund, complex and melodic hooks, and soaring vocals this new masterpiece is sure to delight fans of Dio, Sacred Warrior, Barren Cross, and Rush.

1 Train Crossing
2 Noon Sun
3 A Salt Mine
4 Ashes And Dust
5 Forty
6 Shifting Sand
7 Time To Ride
8 Snowy Plain
9 Wild Wind Blows
10 Desert Rain