Mastedon - 3 (2xLP Gatefold Double Vinyl Album Clear w/Splatter ) John Elefante & Kerry Livgren of Kansas

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2020 Girder Records
UPC: 765531345739

Features Dave Amato of REO and Kerry Livgren of Kansas of course John and Dino Elefante. This 2xLP Double Album will spin at 45rpm for optimal clarity and is a Clear See-Thru Vinyl with Gold Splatter in a beautiful gatefold with photos, lyrics and more. It's also the first time this album was on vinyl and comes with new and improved original European artwork, from original artist Ken Westphal. The album will also include the amazing bonus track Dust In the Wind. 

  • 2xLP Double Album
  • Clear Vinyl with Gold Splatter
  • Gatefold
  • First time on Vinyl
  • Includes the Bonus Track Dust In the Wind
  • Features Dave Amato of REO and Kerry Livgren of Kansas
  • Also available on CD

Why 45 rpm? 

Because it sounds better! In record mastering, the higher the recorded level and frequency, the greater the groove curvature. Curvature isn’t usually a problem, per se, on the outside of a 12” 33 1/3 record, but as the groove moves toward the center, its relative speed slows down and curvature increases. The result is actually a loss in high frequencies, and increase in distortion as the groove moves to the center. BUT, if we spin the disk at 45rpm we now have a 35% increase in groove velocity at any point on the disk. This is a huge advantage! Yes, the groove still slows down as it moves inward, but the effects are greatly reduced. 45rpm will give you the absolute clearest quality possible and this is something we really wanted for Mastedon 3. 

About the Album

Unlike so many bands Mastedon have used the same blueprint that made them popular in the first place to base their new music on. Wonderful silky smooth melodies and hook laden choruses abound on this album and the decision to both hand all the vocal duties to John and to have less guests and a more structured band feel definitely pay off.

In 2010, John, due to contract limitation, was able to get the album released in the USA but under a different name, so he used John Elefante - Revolution of Mind but without Dust in the Wind bonus track.

So this release not only marks the first time that it's been made available in the US but also the first time on Vinyl and contain the bonus track Dust In the Wind written by Kerry Livgren for Kansas 1977 album Point of No Return.

Remastered for Vinyl this special Limited Run Vinyl release in this amazing gatefold design. 

You may remember John Elefante and Kerry Livgren from their days with Kansas. You may also remember Dave Amato from Ted Nugent band and REO Speedwagon, and Anthony Sallee from White Heart. But one of the biggest element of this album is John's former Kansas bandmate Kerry Livgren which explains why this album was complete to near perfection. If you are a fan of Christian Rock, you know exactly what this is.  This regrouping of Mastedon has put together the most cohesive Mastedon project to date. Sung entirely by John Elefante, which was not true of the other Mastedon projects and wow do his vocals soar more powerful and believable as ever.

Side A
1. Revolution of Mind (4:04)
2. Slay Your Demons (4:17)
3. Nowhere Without Your Love (6:17)
Side B
4. One Day Down by the Lake (See You Real Soon) (10:41)
5. Water Into Wine (Fassa Rokka) (4:42)
Side C
6. Questions (It's About Time) (5:15)
7. You Can't Take Anything (4:32)
8. Lying (5:32)
Side D
9. The Western World (5:09)
10. That's What You Do (4:54)
11. Dust in the Wind (4:09)