Mars Hill - Prelude [CD]

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Mars Hill released their debut CD, “Sink or Swim” in the spring of 2003 (Produced by Michael Sweet). They followed that up with a seven-week American tour with Stryper. Mars Hill has now released a new four-track “Prelude” CD. Let me start by saying, Mars Hill have great song-writing skills and the musical skills to make the song great. “Stay,” reminds me of the Wallflowers or 3 Doors Down but more melodic. Any four of the tracks can be hits on “Prelude.” They just have a kind of charisma that engulfs you as you listen to their music. As I listen to Mars Hill, Jack Marques’ sounds like what Michael Hutchence was to INXS, vocally mesmerizing.

Band Lineup:
•Jack Marques - Vocals
•Chip - Guitar
•Chris Sutherland - Bass
•Michael Aguiar - Drums
•Ruben DeMello - Keyboards

Track Listing:
4.Freedom Calling
5.Sink or Swim (Video Bonus track)