MANGLED CARPENTER - Salvation Syndrome (CD)

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Release Date: October 27, 2023

Brand new just released full length album from these death metallers

Limited Edition CD pressing Now Shipping!

Jewel Case Edition with 6 panel folding insert with all lyrics and credits enclosed

Mangled Carpenter have returned with the brutal new record, "Salvation Syndrome" releasing October 27th on both Rottweiler Records and Broken Curfew Records. With guest appearances by Chris Ackerman, Jason Wisdom, and Rob Clark, "Salvation Syndrome" is an extreme metal new addition to any playlist. The brand of death metal Mangled Carpenter dish out is akin to Aborted, Napalm Death, and Dying Fetus - uncompromising extreme brutality! 

This special edition of Salvation Syndrome comes with bonus tracks not available on the digital release of the record!

Track Listing

1. Lumbaryard 02:40
2. A Path To Sorrow (Feat. Chris Ackerman) 03:52
3. They Already Know 03:05
4. Salvation Syndrome 02:21
5. Severed 03:47
6. Faith Delusion 02:41
7. Spit Parade (Feat. Jason Wisdom) 03:09
8. J.G.S.H 01:27
9. Receive Him (feat. Rob Clark) 01:49