Mainframe - Burn the Boats [CD]

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1. Burn The Boats 05:12
2. Undivided Devotion 03:30
3. Peter 04:19
4. Don't Look Back 02:37
5. Dog & Pony Show 05:23
6. Shrink Ray 03:58
7. Stately On The Shore 06:50

7 Songs, 32 minutes. A unique punk rock experience from a band out of the far east.

Mainframe is a four-piece Christian punk rock band bound together in the pursuit of what’s right. Members Noah (vox, guitar), Naomi (bass), Drew (drums), and Rachel (guitar, BGVs) met up in the Far East, where they decided to join up and send a shout out to the world.

Mainframe’s self-titled EP brought the ruckus with melodic new school tunes, big guitars, and unforgettable stories.

The band’s hard and fast follow-up “Burn the Boats” holds the line with unrelenting riffs and driving melodies. These seven songs speak of lessons learned and unshakable faith in the context of a world that’s always been otherworldly.

Rachel’s desperate harmonies come together with Noah’s in-your-face hooks, all to the pace of Drew’s tight beatz. Naomi keeps us steady with a sometimes surprising low-end.

International guitar hero Demetrio Scopelliti handles the metal axe-work for “Peter,” a song based on the life and writings of the apostle.

Raise a fist with Mainframe as we commit to the mission, infiltrate the superstructure, and end up stately on the shore.