MADROST - Lost Lives Volume 1 CD (2022)

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Release Date September 9, 2022


Artwork: Tony Koehl (Sketch The Soul)

Remastering: Rob Colwell (Bombworks Sound)

Media: CD Limited Edition pressing w/ 2 panel insert

The Lost Lives Series is a retrospective of the bands early career. Starting this series off, this long forgotten era has officially been restored and is now ready to be shown to the public. This particular release showcases the band in October of 2009, just 2 years after they originally formed. Warts and all, the band was firing on all cylinders and were well on their way to becoming a much more tighter machine. What you are hearing is just that and more. A band with nothing to lose and everything to gain in the years to follow. Stay tuned for more to come in this series as we document the energy of the very foundation that this band maintains even still to this day.


Track Listing

1. Desecrator

2. Aggressive Nihilism

3. Crypt Keeper

4. Good Ol Fashioned Violence

5. Zombie Grinder

6. Under The Hammer

Total Running Time: 25 Minutes