Lust Control - Feminazi EP Expanded [CD]

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Release Date: May 17, 2019

A VERY LIMITED CD Pressing of this killer poignant Punk Rock EP from Lust Control.

Not only do you get this classic EP but also 11 rarities and obscurities added as bonus tracks.

Comprised of many live tracks, demo tracks and alternate mixes of tracks you know and love, this one is destined to become a rarity!

Track List:

01. Feminazi
02. Don't Kill You
03. Temptation
04. I Blew Up the Clinic Real Good
05. Apocalyptic Nightmare (live)
06. Real Men Cry (live)
07. Thermo Sermo
08. Say it Like a Rock Star
09. Circumsized, Baptized & Moon Pies
10. Dancing Naked (live at Cornerstone 1989)
11. Big Bang
12. Finger (alt. mix)
13. Make Money and Die (alt. mix)
14. Chasing Mrs. Claus 'Round the North Pole
15. Gene's Audio Commentary


Bob (Phil Borrero Jr.) - drums
Bradford (Mitch Roberts) - guitar
Butch (John Wilson) - bass
Gene (Doug Van Pelt) - vocals