Liberty N Justice - Light It Up [CD]

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Artist: Liberty N Justice
Title: Light It Up
Genre: Hard Rock
Release date: 2010
Time: 57:06 min

01. Light It Up (feat. Phil Lewis & JK Northrup)
02. The Other Thief (feat. Dale and Toy Thompson)
03. Blink (feat. Lynn Louise Lowrey & Eddie Ojeda)
04. Do What You Believe (feat. CJ Snare & Bill Leverty)
05. Man vs. Mother Nature (feat. Ted Poley & Vic Rivera)
06. Treading On Serpents (feat. Les Carlson & Oz Foz)
07. Uncle Sam (feat. Sheldon Tarsha & Jeff Pilson)
08. Every Reason To Believe (feat. Kelly Keeling & Kerri Kelli)
09. Wrestling With God (feat. Pete Loran & Steve Brown & Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal)
10. Best Time You Never Had (feat. Chris Jericho & Phil Collen)
11. Beautiful Decision (feat. Harry Hess & Pete Lesperance)
12. Drunk Dead Gorgeous (feat. Marq Torien & Chris Holmes)
13. Greed (feat. Robert Mason & Jerry Dixon)
14. For Better Or Worse (feat. Shawn Pelata & Stephen Chesney)