Liberty N Justice - Before the Revolution [CD]

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Release Date: February 26 2012

Before Liberty N' Justice, the band that has boasted some of the biggest names in rock and roll, there was "Liberty N' Justice" they were just a little old local rock n roll band from ???? ! LNJ was originally formed in 1992, by two high school friends, Justin Murr and Patrick March. Between 1992 and the year 2000, they had released 4 studio albums "Armed With The Cross" (92'), "Big Guns" (94'), "Forever Till The End" (96'),and "Bargain Bin" (2000) and now on the 20th anniversary of that very first release LNJ has signed (once again) with Roxx Records to release a remastered collection of some of those greatest tunes entitled "Before The Revolution: The Best of LNJ the Early Years"! The album will feature the best of the first four records plus a couple of unreleased demos and one brand new song.

Justin Murr (LNJ founder) had this to say about the release "In our history, the history of LNJ, you cannot see where we?re going if you can't see where we have been. I am glad Bill at Roxx believes in us to give you the listeners the chance to relieve our past and celebrate our future. This is us without any idea of our future just living or trying to live out our dreams...... "

Bill Bafford (Roxx Records) adds...."It is always a pleasure being able to work with Liberty N Justice, Justin, JK, David, Eric and now Michael are some of the most talented musicians I have ever had the privilege of working with, and with true hearts of gold! We are excited to be sharing this release with their fans that paints a vivid picture of the bands humble and early beginnings for all to enjoy!"

Track List:

01. Jesus Love Shout (Armed with the Cross 1992)
02. Heaven (Armed with the Cross 1992)
03. All your love (Armed with the Cross 1992)
04. Mona Lisa (Big Guns 1994)
05. Foolish child (Big Guns 1994)
06. Heroes Never Die (Big Guns 1994)
07. Shout 96 (Forever til the End 1996)
08. Forever til the end (Forever til the End 1996)
09. More than a pretty face (Forever til the End 1996)
10. Lost soul café (Forever til the End 1996)
11. Hey Eddie (Bargain Bin 2000)
12. Bargain Bin (Bargain Bin 2000)
13. Nowhere man (Bargain Bin 2000)
14. Breathe (Bargain Bin 2000)
15. Born with beggars (unreleased demo) originally released as "A little bit of Love" w/Tim Martin
16. Crown of my heart (unreleased demo) from "Independence Day" sessions
17. In Time (2012 New Studio Track) w/ David Cagle and JK Northrup