Lengsel - The Kiss The Hope [CD]

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On this album, their debut solace, Lengsel impressed with their own interpretation of black metal and created a loyal worldwide fanbase. Six years later, the kiss the hope is the next step in the evolution of the band. It's a rebirth. The three guys from Oslo, mainly involved in Extol, go to their extremes. No borders, no taboos. Metal, garage, relaxed soundscapes and new wave influences melt to a coherent piece of extreme music. The Kiss the Hope is rough, confusing, intimate.

Track List:

01 An Anonymous Phone-Call And A Dead Line 8:03
02 Hell Calls Hell 3:53
03 Miss S.C. 3:49
04 Ådendød - The Easy Kill 1:56
05 Tales Of Lost Love 5:29
06 A Little Less To Heal 4:51
07 Eternal Seven 2:26
08 The Warm Water Chaseway 3:23
09 Angels In America 3:01
10 The Pale People 6:04
11 Avec Toi 3:31