Lament - The Best of Lament 14 Years Rocking The World [CD]

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LAMENT THE BEST OF LAMENT This independently released mass manufactured import CD (not a CDR) is a 'best of' Lament's fourteen years so far. It contains nine songs lifted from previous recordings, and three killer new songs in the vein of Old Man's Child, Hypocrisy, and In Flames (growls included).

It was released independently by the band late in 2007.

Track List:

1 Comienza El Amanecer
2 Un Canto Entre Mis Lágrimas
3 We Keep The Flame Burning
4 Tears Of A Leper
5 From Pain To Hope
6 Rivers Of Loneliness
7 Through The Reflection
8 A Dream At Sunset
9 Tears... Instrument For Reflection
10 Breathless
11 Ocean Of Feelings
12 Confronting The Past