Kings X - Tape Head [CD]

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While rumors of an impending break-up swirled after King's X left Atlantic, the band returned stronger than ever with 1998's TAPE HEAD. A bit similar in approach to their '94 riff-fest DOGMAN, TAPE HEAD contains many a fierce rocker. The album-opening "Groove Machine," "Ono," "Cupid," and "Hate You" will undoubtedly satisfy the band's headbanger section of their audience, while the tranquil "Ocean" is a gorgeous ballad. TAPE HEAD proved that King's X was one of the best rock bands of the millenium.

Track Listing
1. Groove Machine
2. Fade
3. Over and Over
4. Ono
5. Cupid
6. Ocean
7. Little Bit of Soul
8. Hate You
9. Higher Than God
10. Happy
11. Mr. Evil
12. World
13. Walter Bela Farkas (Live Peace in New York) - (live)