Killed By Cain - Killed By Cain [Black LP]

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KILLED BY CAIN - KILLED BY CAIN (180 Gram-VINYL, 2017, Retroactive)

Vinyl Product ID: RRV1437
Vinyl Barcode: 656165850532
CD Product ID: RRCD1437
CD Barcode: 656165850549
Label: Retroactive Records: From the Vaults Limited Edition
Format: CD (6 panel jewel case) Vinyl 180 Gram (150 Black 180 gram)
Release Date: November 21, 2017

#1 in a series to be released called "FROM THE VAULT" (Retroactive Records) featuring basic packaging similar to the Roxx Records Underground Series.

This Louisville, KY band started out as the infamous 80’s classic metal band, Whiteray that released 4 highly sought after demos! By 1993 they had signed with R.E.X. Records and changed their name to KILLED BY CAIN. Featuring a much more aggressive metal sound with distinctive Metallica meets G’n R-styled vocals and killer heavy metal more in line with the thrashing grooves of 90’s Megadeth. Listen for the album’s producer Dale Thompson's (Bride, The World Will Burn) signature screams in 'Sin City', and 'Introduction to Hyprocrisy'. Bassist Steve Curtsinger went on to play on several Bride albums as well as releasing a hard music masterpiece with the band, Zoobabies. KILLED BY CAIN is full on metallic anger and rage at it's finest. The music is hard, and the message is socially relevant even in 2017! In all seriousness, this is the album Metallica should have made after the Black album! These songs sound like they could have been the follow up to Guns ‘n Roses Use Your Illusions! For fans of Metallica, Bride, Tourniquet (Vanishing Lessons era), Guns ‘n Roses, Motorhead! The 2017 Retroactive Records reissue of this album comes fully remastered by Rob Colwell (Bombworks Sound) on CD (limited to 300 copies) and Vinyl (limited to 150 copies of 180 Gram). The Vinyl release is the first release on the new Retroactive Records “From the Vaults” vinyl series all limited to 150 copies or less!


Side A:
1 Intro To Hypocrisy
2 Burn The Church
3 Violence
4 Thou Shalt Not Kill
5 Gasoline

Side B:
1 Jezebel
2 Father
3 Sin City
4 Walk The Line
5 Gun Control