JAGGED DOCTRINE - To Whom It May Concern (CD) 2012

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While your picking up the brand new Roxx Records release from Jagged Doctrine 'Eve of Destruction' delve in to the bands back catalog all the way to the beginning as the band has supplied us with a limited quantity of CD's of all their back catalog. Get one while you can! 

To Whom It May Concern - 2012. During the 7 years the band worked on The Stalker, they wrote many songs that didn't fit that storyline. The songs that were recorded over those years ended up on this stand alone CD. Jon Clark does guest vocals for "Time to Pray (For Time)" and Ayla Cheyenne does guest violin on "Paranoia".

13 tracks of amazing music from Jagged Doctrine on this one, the band's fifth release leading us up to their brand new 2023 album 'Eve of Destruction'.

1. I Don't Believe 02:54
2. Paranoia 03:04
3. I Can't Relate 04:03
4. So Help Me God 03:43
5. Untold 03:27
6. Before I Sleep 03:42
7. Brainwashed 03:55
8. Dehumanized 03:42
9. Time to Pray (for Time) 03:50
10. Miss Guided 04:13
11. Leave Me Alone 03:54
12. She Calls to You 03:38
13. A Little Closer 04:44