JAGGED DOCTRINE - The Circle Trilogy Soundtrack (CD) 2004

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While your picking up the brand new Roxx Records release from Jagged Doctrine 'Eve of Destruction' delve in to the bands back catalog all the way to the beginning as the band has supplied us with a limited quantity of CD's of all their back catalog. Get one while you can! 

The Circle Trilogy Soundtrack - 2004.  Jagged Doctrine worked with New York Times Best Selling Author Ted Dekker to create a soundtrack to his trilogy of books released in 2004.  (Black, Red, White)  Ted would send pre-release versions of the book to the band and they would read them and create a shortened soundtrack to the book.  Once all 3 books were finished, the tracks were released on this limited edition CD.  This album is mostly instrumental with no singing vocals, only a few spoken parts.

17 tracks of amazing music from Jagged Doctrine on this one, the band's third release.