JAGGED DOCTRINE - Absolution (CD) 2004

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While your picking up the brand new Roxx Records release from Jagged Doctrine 'Eve of Destruction' delve in to the bands back catalog all the way to the beginning as the band has supplied us with a limited quantity of CD's of all their back catalog. Get one while you can! 

From 1999 through 2003, Jagged Doctrine released 4 CDs on mp3.com. By 2004, mp3.com was changing and so Jagged Doctrine did an album with Canadian label Flaming Fish Music (in collaboration with Cold Fusion Distribution). This album had 18 tracks. 9 were a best of the mp3.com years. 8 were new, and 1 was a cover of Nine Inch Nails "Underneath it All."
Sydney Rentz from Morellas Forest performed guest vocals on 3 tracks (Behold the Liquid Sky, Floating, When Heaven Weeps), Cheri Curran did vocals on "Skin Doctors", Lee Bond did lead vocals on "Why Do I? (Blind)" and "Nightmare (Electrocuted Mix)"

18 tracks of amazing music from Jagged Doctrine on this one, the band's sophomore release.