Jack Marques - Shine Among the Shadow [CD]

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As heard on Strictly Stryper! Hot off the presses! Featuring special guests Tim Gaines of Stryper and Ty Tabor of Kings X.

Style: Modern melodic rock; compare to Stone Sour, Shinedown, Puddle of Mudd

Top Tracks: "Shine Among the Shadow," "That Song," "The Whole World Over"

Former Mars Hill singer-guitarist Jack Marques comes into his own on this solo debut, a hook-filled, fret-busting collection of hard rock tunes served on a bedrock of faith. The title track features throaty vocals and pounding guitar and drums, with a touch of dynamics courtesy of King's X guitarist Ty Tabor. Other cuts like "Miracle" and "The Party" sport a ragged, grunge-rock edge. Shadow also has its softer moments. "That Song" (featuring Stryper bassist Tim Gaines) showcases Marques' wooing voice over a piano-based power ballad, while "Movin' On" offers wistful acoustic guitar.

Work History: Jack has a diversified background in music. He has performed everything from gospel/R&B to, pop, rock and metal.

Jack has written music for and produced many local artists in the Boston and Providence market. He has produced local acts such as BAC (hip hop), Angela Pettiway, Angela Williams (theatre, gospel, R&B) and Carla Pimental (pop) daughter of Brazilian sensation Carman Silva. He has also performed for many audiences and with many acts. He played percussion for legendary gospel artist Ron Kenolly and recently toured with Stryper on the eastern leg of their reunion tour. He has also performed with Tesla,Shinedown,Vanilla Fudge, Jani Lane (Warrant), Big City Rock,Whitecorss,The Rez band, Sacred Warrior ,Pray for the Soul of Betty featuring American Idol Constantine Maroulis and Family Force Five among others....He has worked with producers Rob Rock ( Driver, Impelitteri ), Joe Carrier ( Joey Macintyre), and Michael Sweet ( Stryper ) Jack sang back ups on " Something " and " For You " the 2 new songs on Seven the greatest hits by Stryper released on Hollywood Records. He also recorded the lead vocals for the band Action released on Frontiers Recs.

His new CD " Shine among the Shadow" features special guests Tim Gaines of Stryper and Ty Tabor of King's X.

Influences are:Musical influences: Â Lenny Kravitz, King's X, The Police, Journey, Foo Fighters, Incubus, Michael Jackson, U2, Stryper Stevie Wonder, Pink Floyd, Alice "n" Chains, Peter Gabriel , Queensryche, Led ZepplinThe Beatles and everything under the sun.

Vocal influences: Steve Perry, Lou Gram, Michael Sweet, Geoff Tate, Michael Jackson,Doug Pinnick ,Rob Rock, Greg X Volz and Kenny Loggins and more.......

1. Shine Among the Shadow (w/Ty Tabor)
2. Miracle
3. Party
4. Movin ON
5. Trade
6. Dirty
7. People-N-Things (w/ Tim Gaines)
8. Where I've Been
9. That Song (w/ Tim Gaines)
10. Live in Tomorrow
11. Prayer and Contemplation
12. Whole World Over