InnerSiege Inner Siege - Kingdom of Shadows [CD]

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Release Date December 11, 2012

InnerSiege is America's answer to the European Power Metal scene and this band is poised and ready to take the metal world by storm! Hailing from Peoria Illinois, InnerSiege is proud to announce they have inked a deal with Los Angeles based Roxx Records to release their debut full length CD.

Inner Siege are proud to wear that Euro influenced Power Metal title on their sleeve citing such bands as Firewind, Kamelot, Dream Evil and Iron Maiden as some of their influences. Be prepared because once the world hears their debut release it's easy to see they fit right in to that mold. Entitled "Kingdom of Shadows" the bands debut is a concept album like no other, comparisons are already being made to such landmark conceptual albums as Operation Mindcrime by Queensryche. But they are no copy cats, as familiar as their sound may be this album is prepared to take the listener to a new level and on a whole new journey of the mind.

To insure their debut album hits hard and leaves an everlasting impression on the world the band has enlisted some key forces in the Power Metal community to bring this release to life. Brought in to the project to mix and master the new release was none other than Fredrik Nordstrom of Dream Evil, who has also worked with such acts as In Flames, Opeth and Dimmu Borgir just to name a few. Also recruited to bring "Kingdom of Shadows" to life through the brilliant cover artwork was multi-talented Brazilian/Potuguese graphic designer Gustavo Sazes who has done artwork for many artists through the years including the likes of such fine artists as Firewind, Kamelot, Dream Evil and even Arch Enemy.

So be prepared to enter the "Kingdom of Shadows" as we unleash upon the world the debut album from InnerSiege!

Track List:

01. Warrior
02. Fight On
03. Dragon Rider
04. Children of Winter
05. Control
06. Abuser
07. Excuses
08. Free
09. What Kind of Love
10. Ultimate Sacrifice

Band Members:

Ravn Furfjord (Bass)
Wade Helm (Drums)
J.L. Prater (Guitar)
Keven Grose (Guitar)
Jeremy Ray (Vocals)