INNER WISH - No Turning Back (CD) New Sealed Import

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Formed 1995 in Athens, Greece, Innerwish is definitely one of the most influential melodic metal power thrash bands from their part of Europe. With 2010's No Turning Back, they created their best album when it came to performance, songwriting and production. Fans of the melodic metal genre won't be disappointed, and if you enjoy bands like Helloween, Hammerfall and Gamma Ray you should definitely check out No Turning Back.

Track Listing:

1.1 The Signs of Our Lives 1.2 Chosen One 1.3 Burning Desires 1.4 No Turning Back 1.5 Sirens 1.6 Save Us 1.7 Last Breath 1.8 Lawmaker 1.9 Welcome to My World 1.10 Kingdom of the Prime 1.11 Full of Lust 1.12 Live for My Own