In The Midst 777 - In The Midst 777 [CD]

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One would think when getting your first glimpse of singer Gary Lee and that killer mohawk you were in store for some killer punk rock! But don't let his looks deceive you this is some killer straight forward hard rock and metal! Fans of 3 Doors Down or Shinedown will love these tunes crafted by In The Midst 777 hailing from sunny Southern California. This is the bands newest release the self titled 10 track album that keeps you rocking from tune after tune and then throws in a couple killer ballads. You will be very happy to pick this one up you Christian hard rock and metal fans!

Track Listing:

1. H.A.L.T.
2. Something More
3. In The Midst
4. Lift You
5. F.I.G.H.T.
6. Everything
7. Wherever you may go
8. Hole in the wall
9. One love for Chi
10. Wayward heart

Also check out the bands debut 7 track EP entitled 'Solid Ground' for some more killer rock! This stuff ROXX!

EP Track Listing:

1. Take it all away
2. Runnin
3. Solid Ground
4. Never fade
5. I am all yours
6. Take my hand
7. Home