IN CONQUERED - The Wide Path To The Lake of Fire (CD) 2022

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Brand new extreme metal from the US band IN CONQUERED from the US. Released at the tail end of 2022 this is an amazing and very, very heavy album from you extreme metal lovers. 

The BRAND NEW IN-CONQUERED!. In-conquered have taken the Extreme Christian Metal by storm! The bands 1st release was so brutal and This release is NO EXCEPTION!
Unbelievable slabs of brutality here!

8 Panel booklet jewel case with Replicated silver pressed discs!


1. Hell Is There…
2. Demons Everywhere
3. Heat
4. Weeping and Gnashing of Teeth
5. The Land Where Repentance is Nil
6. Where the Fire Never Goes Out
7. The Pinnacle of Inconsolable Grief
8. The Wide Path to the Lake of Fire

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