IMPLEMENT - Decapitated 2021 CD - Band First Demos

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Brazilian Import just released and imported from Brazil

Classic death metal for fans of Mortification and more.

Indie release in limited quantities. Jewel case edition with 4 panel insert

Limited Edition sticker with each

Brand new edition of ‘Decapitated’, the first demo from Brazilian blistering death metal band Implement. “Decapitated” was released between 2004/2005 and has been OOP from many years now.

Finally the band decided to go back and revisit these tracks, and remaster and expand this limited edition pressing. 

• 8 tracks from the original recording sessions, unlike the original demo they released with only 6 tracks, there were two more tracks never released

• A live bonus track called “Rei da Babilonia” (King Of Babylon), the first composition of the band that never received a studio recording;

• 4 pages booklet

• New cover art and design

• Remastered sound by Nenel Lucena (Bride, N.O.G, Angel’s Fire and others)

Here are some selected tracks from the re-release,

“Triumphal Return” -

“Order To Kill” -

“Decapitated” -

“Rei da Babilônia” (Bonus Track – live) - 

Track listing for “Decapitated”

01 Valley to Vermin
02 Decapitated
03 Order to Kill
04 Supreme Master
05 Triumphal Return
06 Bastard Moloch
07 Great Terror
08 Grave Of Desire
09 Rei da Babilônia (Bonus – Live)