IMPLEMENT - Bleeding Alone (CD)

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IMPORT CD - OUT OF PRINT - 6 Panel Digipack with 12 page lyric booklet

Indie release that looks and sounds great

Brazilian Death Metal from IMPLEMENT


01 Wrekage (Intro) 1:09
02 Infernum Brothel 2:09
03 Worm In My Brain 2:48
04 Bleeding Alone 3:31
05 Grave Of Desire 4:24
06 Pentecostal Insanity 3:22
07 The Keys Of Hell 3:32
08 Red Flag 4:41
09 Great Terror 3:55
10 Catacomb 3:40
11 Mirror Of Illusion 4:11

Implement starts with the friendship between Ivan (vocals/bass) and Angelo (drums), who already played and enjoyed metal music and their several branches since they were teenagers. It was usual, even when they’re young, being always present at metal gigs in Recife and nearby. Since 2000’s, both of them had the same goal: create a band that would be not just one more, but a band to make a difference. However, to accomplish this wish, they needed a bass player: Ivan would play guitar and sing at that time.

It took almost 2 years searching for someone who could play the bass, just play it and enjoy the sound was not enough: it had to be someone with the same idea and seriousness the band demanded. Then, in the end of 2001 Ivan met Márcio Ananias who fit like a glove in every aspect of the band. But something interesting happened just when the band started rehearsing: Ivan noticed that it would be more comfortable to sing and play pass guitar instead of lead guitars and, best part, Márcio also played guitar. That was enough to the band so it fit perfectly.

So Implement starts its activity somewhere around 2002. The band got attention since their debut in a gig that took place in Ibura neighborhood. Ivan’s vocals and the good relationship among the band members was something rare to see in a fresh-started band. So the band received a lot of invites and played many times in several gigs in the same night.

The band always valued copyright music, and in 2006 they recorded a demo titled “Decapitated” that had a good acceptance. A lot of effort was put in this work because band members were still too young and didn’t have resources to make a professional recording. Even not being a high standard record, their compositions and technical quality turned Implemented a well known band in Brazil.

With the good impression their demo caused, the band was invited to perform at several gigs in other states from Northeast Brazil, like Rio Grande do Norte, Paraíba, Alagoas, Ceará, Sergipe, Maranhão, and playing in Recife and its inner cities as well. It’s good to mention the band’s performance in a TV show streamed across the state of Pernambuco, as well as their passage across Espírito Santo and their participation in a gig that took place in Recife, with Torture Squad as their main guest – a band with great prestige in Brazil and worldwide.

The band has never changed their line up, and that always contributed to their integration and seriousness growing more and more. However, only a demo isn’t enough for a living, and the fans were claiming for a high standard album with a professional recording. This became the biggest goal of the band, but the parallel activities made the waiting longer than expected.

Finally in March 2019 the first full length album titled “Bleeding Alone” is released. It has 11 tracks with the intro; you can listen to a haunting guttural as well as quite aggressive compositions influenced by Death/Thrash & Grindcore… a flawless album to any and every headbanger.

“Bleeding Alone” presents all the band’s maturity and professionalism, and it aims to consolidate the band even further in national scene, as well as projecting it worldwide.