HYPNOGOG - Syndrig Tymes

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New release from Stone Grove Records on limited edition CD format

This is a collection of live-in-the-studio audio improvisations with little or no doctoring, and no writing previous to the tape rolling. What you hear is what we did, right on the spot.

1. Reprimand of the Watchers 07:51
2. Paranormal Supernature 02:55
3. Earth's Earliest Ages 04:28
4. Get Thee Away 05:48
5. Of Furry Ones and Greys, Pt. 2 05:10
6. Can 03:19
7. Orange Marmalade 03:46
8. Boneyard 04:16
9. Lycans 05:44
10. Oh Yeah? 10:27
11. Orange Wizard in a Blue GTO 04:04


Dan Lively: vocals. guitar, bass, drums, engineering, production
Scott Reed: guitar, bass, drums
Russ Detko: bass
Joe Brown: drums
Keith Cordial: drums
Chris Henderson: drums
Tim Pyne: drums
Donovan Rhodes: drums