HORTOR / BEEROTH - The Almighty God / Enthroned King (2021 Split CD) Limited to 50 copies

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This is already out of print and SOLD OUT. CMD / ROXX is the only one in the US that got these last available copies. In fact the band is already SOLD OUT! We have the last 15 copies available here in the US! This is a beautifully packaged 2 Disc Set with slip case cover over top of the jewel case. Each one is hand numbered and a true collectible. 

- Jewel Case edition

- Limited Slip Case Cover

- Hand numbered up to 50

- Split album celebrating 17th anniversary of Mexico Death Metal legends Hortor

- Only available here in the US 

This special edition of Hortor released in April of this year (2021), limited to only 50 copies. It contains 7 songs that were not included in ′′Dharma Essence of Impureza′′ and a 2004 song that was not included in ′′Absolute Decapitation to False Prophet′ Plus it is a split with Beeroth containing their new album ′′Enthrowned King′′ 

Get it while you can these will not be available again! 

Track Listing: 

Disc 1 - Hortor (The Almighty God)

1. Kyrie Eleison

2. The Darkness Not Prevail

3. King of Kings

4. Who against the power of the almighty God

5. We are

6. To Eres mi Senor

7. Renew a right spirit within me

8. Our lord

Disc 1 - Hortor (Enthroned King)

9. The Call of War

10. Enthroned King 

11. Rituals

12, Victory is mine

13. Eternal is your name

14. Glory everlasting

15. Alpha and Omega

16. Accept to the holy lamb

Disc 2 - Beeroth