Hortor - Ancient Satanic Rituals are Crushed to Dust! [CD]

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Hortor returned in 2009 with "Ancient Satanic Rituals are Crushed in Dust", their first album to be released outside of Mexico. Hortor surpasses any of their previous material, and has really stepped up the production all of which makes Hortor a front runner in the Black Metal scene. Raw, true, and black!

01. In Nomine Nostri Deus Excelsi
02. Ancient Satanic Rituals Are Crushed In Dust
03. Blasphemy Of The Old Pagan Times
04. Quien Podra Contra El Poder Del Dios Eterno
05. The Triumphant Voice Of The Jesus Hordes
06. Our Wrath Is Against Satanism And Blasphemous Symbols
07. Unholy Forces Of Belial
08. Thine Hour Hast Come
09. The Darkness Will Be No More