His Witness - Kingdom Come [CD]

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This album sat "in the can" and unreleased since it was recorded in 1988. Only a handful of cassettes were sold to fans at a occasional concerts. Bill Menchen (Titanic, The Seventh Power, Final Axe) and vocalist Ken Redding had been friends since their days in the Omega Band. Bill took it upon himself to remix the album and start the resurrection process. The original 2 inch tapes were discovered years before when the guys had been cleaning out a garage. If it hadn't been for Ken's brother-in-law taking them home, this metal gem would have been thrown away and lost forever!

The album was recorded by the legendary Randy Thomas (Allies, Sweet Comfort Band, etc.), and mixed at John and Dino Elephante's (Kansas, Mastedon) Packaderm Studio by Mike Mierau (X-sinner). From day one, the album was surrounded by greatness, and Retroactive Records is proud to make this heavy metal gem available world-wide for the first time ever! The deep, rich vocals of Ken Redding show an obvious Dio influence, but the music will also appeal to fans of melodic metal in the vein of Barren Cross, Bloodgood, Judas Priest, and Whitecross.

1 Everlasting Life
2 Kingdom Come
3 Last Days
4 Jesus Heals
5 Call On Him
6 Guard Your Heart
7 Pick Up Your Cross
8 Jesus Died For You
9 Love Of God
10 Party's In Heaven