HERO , The - Miracles [CD]

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"The HERO" are excited to be back and bringing you their 4th full length release and first new music since the release of their 2013 critically acclaimed album "Afterlife". Back with brand new music coming straight from the heart, their new album is entitled "Miracles" and is set for release on CD, digital and Limited Edition Vinyl.

They may not be the hardest band out there, nor the fastest, but definitely an "Original" band not to be compared to anyone. Having said that though this new album is heavy, yes! It's beautiful, yes! It's catchy. Yes! It's gothic, yes! It's dark, yes but most importantly at the end of the day it leaves you with Hope! Yes, that is "The HERO" and we are excited to bring you "Miracles".

Track List:

01. Kill the Monster
02. The Broken Hearted
03. Miracles
04. Tell the World
05. Via Dolorosa
06. Corpus Christi
07. Melancholiah
08. Crying in the Rain
09. Join Me In Life
10. When Evil Blooms
11. Shot
12. Mr Rigor Mortis (CD Only Bonus Track)
13. Viva Victoria (CD Only Bonus Track)
14. The Swedish National Anthem (CD Only Bonus Track)

"The HERO" is:
Michael Hero - Guitar & Baritone Lead vocals,
Emanuel Wärja - Guitar & Background vocals
Daniel Mouton - Drums & Background vocals
Henrik Deleskog - Bass.

Get ready as the new CD and digital versions will be released on December 16, 2016 with the vinyl version coming in very limited quantities by the end of December.