HAUNT - Windows of Your Heart (2022) LP 1/2 Black 1/2 Clear Red Splatter

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BRAND NEW INDIE RELEASE FROM HAUNT - LP 1/2 Black 1/2 Clear Red Splatter

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Courtesy Razors Edge Magazine

"The brainchild of singer and guitarist Trevor William Church, who may be known for his doom metal outfit Beastmaker, Haunt sit firmly in the more traditional heavy metal sphere. Formed in 2017 by Church as a solo outfit to release music that didn’t fit with Beastmaker’s sound, Haunt has mushroomed with ‘Windows of Your Heart’ the band’s seventh release. Given the two-year pause, this is quite some output.

Most of ‘Window of your Heart’ dates to 2021 when Church locked himself away writing in his usual practice. The result is a solid ten track release which is full of melody and up-tempo riffs, with a feel at times more of the kind of proto punk that the likes of The Offspring etc. bring. For those who know Haunt’s music, it may be interesting know that there is less reliance on double tracked guitars, with Church instead adding solos via a single guitar, relying on pinch harmonics and whammy bar as key elements to his delivery."




Track Listing:

1. Mercenaries 04:16
2. Running Hard 03:06
3. Barricade 04:08
4. Father Time 03:41
5. Windows Of Your Heart 03:42
6. Catch Me 04:51
7. No Control 03:56
8. Dream On It 03:42
9. Frozen In Time 04:09
10. Defender 04:19