Halo - Life Goes On (CD) FIRST TIME ON CD

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1982 Unreleased Album
Includes 11 songs
2020 Girder Records
Remastered by Rob Colwell

We found a HALO project buried deep in the vaults. For the first time ever their 1982 album LIFE GOES ON is coming to life on CD. It's faster, heavier and sounds very 80's melodic metal. The entire album is filled with Van Halen like guitar heroics. Seriously.... every song is a guitar filled rocker and most of it actually sounds like Eddie Van Halen in the background, especially if you ever listen to Van Halen's debut (1978) with Eruption and Runnin' With the Devil. WE ARE STUNNED THAT THIS WAS NEVER RELEASED. No we are not saying that anyone can compare to Eddie, he is one of a kind, but I can tell you that this is a really close 2nd.

30 years after HALO released their amazing self-titled debut on Pakaderm you get to hear early incarnations of Time To Run as well as Jesus Music, both of which made it to their Pakaderm debut, however you will also hear 9 songs never before released and thought to have been missing forever. This is HALO 1982. Even after a conversation with John Elefante, he expressed that he never even knew that this album existed but just knew the band had been touring around and playing non-stop for almost an entire decade before he signed them to the label.

This Van Halen like project is heavy, fast, albeit rough demo form. I only wish this album would have been released and been given some amazing production, but grateful to have it in any form. We couldn't wait to be the ones that dropped this. So if you followed HALO at all, you'll want to grab this, as it is getting remastered and will be in limited supply.

Track Listing

Time To Run
The Welder
I Love Jesus
The King Is Alive
Life Goes On
Get Saved
Jesus Music
The Witness
The Cross
Jesus Cares