GUARDIAN ANGEL - Fire From Heaven (2022 Previously Unreleased) CD

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- Release Date June 3, 2022

- Limited Edition 300 copies only!

Long Lost Christian rock band GUARDIAN ANGEL flies again!

You know by now here at Roxx Records we LOVE bringing you those long lost Christian rock and metal classics. Well we have done it again, this time we found a real rarity all the way from Illinois. This band only recorded one 3 song demo but played quite a few shows with many classic bands including Sacred Warrior. 

What we have here is that previously unreleased three track demo and a killer live set from that era of the bands history. Stay tuned for many more details and pre order info, but for now enjoy the clip 'Unknown Time'


Track Listing:

* Previously Unreleased Demo

1. Immortality

2. Unknown Time

3. Fallacy of Reality

* Previously Unreleased LIVE Recording

4. Fallacy of Reality

5. We Are His Children

6. The Beatitudes

7. Immortality

8. Unknown Time

9. Life or Death

10. The Last Sacrifice

11. He Is The King

12. In The Night (Saint Cover)