Guardian - Smashes The Best of Guardian

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Smashes: The Best of Guardian is a compilation album released by Christian rock band Guardian. The album was released in 1999 by Myrrh Records.
The album includes the band's hits since 1993 when Jamie Rowe and Karl Ney joined the band.


Dr. Jones & The Kings Of Rhythm 5:13
Shoeshine Johnny 4:15
The Way Home Back 4:31
Endless Summer 4:29
C'mon Everyone 4:58
This Old Man 2:29
Lead The Way 2:42
Lion's Den 3:54
State Of Mind 3:02
Psychedelic Runaway 3:26
Bottlerocket 3:43
Coffee Can 3:43
Break Me Down 3:40
This Old Man (T.R.'s This Old Dub Mix) 4:53
Bottlerocket (CHR Remix) 3:51
Babble On (Accoustic Remix) 4:35
Queen Esther (Mellow Remix) 3:45

Bottlerocket (Dance Remix) 4:43