Grandpa Loves Rhinos - Better Eat Your Wheaties [CD]

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The debut ep from Grandpa Loves Rhinos on limited run CD.

Featuring 5 solid tracks of pure pop-punk adrenaline mixed with edgy and current alternative rock, sure to bring a smile to anyone's face. It's got variety and smashing melodic hooks. "Catchy" hasn't looked this good in years! If you enjoyed the group's smash hit single "What We Used To Do", you're gonna love this guaranteed.

Mastered by Simpul Studio
Art by Brian Middleton of Colesmith Comics

"Better Eat Your Wheaties" Ep

Track List:

01. The Ministry of Aquaman
02. What We Used To Do
03. Kung-Fu Grip
04. If Death Rolls Dice
05. The Long Game