Glenn Rowlands - Wished For The Day [CD]

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This is a brand new release from Glenn Rowlands of Wickeds End. Wished For The Day is an album that he has been working on for years and we are happy to finally hear it and offer it to you here first! 19 tracks of grungy hard rock to metal tracks

Track List:

1. Transistor
2. The Locust
3. Blood Stained Hands
4. Pimps and Heroine
5. Living Light
6. Red Road
7. Black Elk Speaks
8. Be The Man
9. Spotted Eagle Dance
10. Baby Angel
11. Plastic White Chair King
12. My Boy II
13. When Jesus Calls
14. White Angel Wings
15. Edwardo
16. Seven Years Rich
17. 1849
18. Tombs Will Open
19. Give All My Love