GAMMACIDE - Victims of Science (2022 CD)

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NoLifeTilMetal Records and Gammacide are teaming up to re-release the original Texas thrash metal masterpiece Victims of Science on strictly limited edition vinyl and CD.

Gammacide is an aggressive thrash metal band with a very short but powerful history. When Texas metal pioneers Warlock disbanded in 1985, guitarist Rick Perry and Eric Roy formed thrash band Gammacide. Joined by drummer Jamey Milford and vocalist Varnam Ponville, Gammacide released a 5-song demo in 1987 which made the band a cult favorite amongst the metal fanzine and tape traders of the time. Scott Shelby joined in 1988 as a second guitarist, thus doubling the bands crushing guitar assault. In the summer of 1989 entered Sound Logic Studios in Dallas to record their debut Victims of Science, which was released in early 1990 on Wild Rags Records, becoming one of the label's best selling records. Soon after the band was playing shows and sharing the stage with such notable bands as Death, Exodus, Dark Angel, Sacred Reich and fellow Texas thrashers Rigor Mortis.

Gammacide recorded a 4-song demo in 1991 but by 1992 the band folded. In the late 90's and early 2000's the internet gave new exposure to Gammacide and created interest in Texas metal's most intense thrash experience. After thirteen years of inactivity, the now out of circulation Victims Of Science album was reissued on CD in 2005, and the band briefly reunited for a Texas tour to commemorate 20 Years of Toxic Metal. The following year, Perry and Shelby joined forces with Rigor Mortis vocalist Bruce Corbitt and formed Texas Metal Alliance, which was eventually renamed Warbeast and recorded their debut CD Krush The Enemy for Phil Anselmo's Housecore Records.

Unfortunately, both the original 1989 vinyl and 2005 CD have been out-of-print and hard to find for decades. NoLifeTilMetal Records and Gammacide have teamed up to re-release the original thrash metal masterpiece Victims of Science on limited edition vinyl and CD. The vinyl will include the original album art, a 12"x18" poster and a full-color lyric insert. Only 100 copies will be pressed to vinyl. The CD release limited to 500 copies will include a booklet packed full of photos and memorabilia and will also include the 1991 demo as bonus tracks. The music is completely remastered by Rob Colwell of Bombworks Sound, TX from the original DAT tapes.


Track Listing

1. Endangered Species

2. Fossilized

3. Shock Treatment

4. Victim of Science

5. Gutter Rats

6. Walking Plague

7. Chemical Imbalance

8. Incubus

9. Observations

Bonus Tracks (1991 Demo)

10. Crackdown

11. Ballistic

12. Forces of Nature

13. Sex Cult