Frost Like Ashes - Tophet [CD]

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A nearly perfect hybrid of both death & black metal style and written & played with enough anger to go around. Track after track of aggressive and pulverizing metal that rivals some of their big-name influences. Lyrics that are well-written, and are confrontational and challenging. The whole package makes you want to just play it again and again. I recommend playing it-LOUD!

If you liked the EP you will love this album, the music is still a combination of death metal and black metal, the songs are still quite fast and definitely heavy and Azahel still has one of the most distinctive voices you will come across. The differences ... well, the production is light years beyond the EP, keyboards are much more prominent, but instead of carrying all of the melody or taking over the song, they actually just enhance what is already there.


01 A Terrible Visitation
02 Desecrator
03 Of Spirit and Power
04 Nightfall's Cold Kiss
05 A Cruel Verse
06 Crucifixion
07 Execution by Fire
08 Shattered Gods
09 Lord of Darkness
10.1 (silence) 
10.2 Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silent 
10.3 O Come O Come Emmanuel