Frost Like Ashes - Born to Pieces [Grey LP]

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We are very happy to be able to offer these up to you. In 2017, we bought all of the remaining inventory from Open Grave Records / Sullen Records. As we were going through TONS of releases we came across this GEM from Frost Like Ashes.

If you recall back in 2007, 10 years ago now, Sullen Records released a 300 piece pressing of this 7" single, each hand numbered with 150 on grey marble vinyl and 150 on black vinyl.

Well in this lot there were 100 7" records from this pressing with NO artwork or anything at all, just the records. Well we reached out to the band and got some artwork and printed a new insert for these remaining copies.

So here you get some of the more limited grey marble colored 7" vinyl with a cool new double sided insert each hand numbered 1 to 100 with the lyrics printed on the inside.

Get one now as the original has been sold out a long time and this will be your last chance to get one of these.

Bass – Fire
Drums – Adonijah
Guitar – Sebat Frost
Keyboards – Qoheleth
Lyrics By – Azahel
Mastered By – Todd Brandt
Vocals – Azahel