FRANK'S ENEMY - The Terrible Days EP (CD) 2022 L.E.. Only 50 Copies Pressed

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Release Date: June 10, 2022

Man we have already had so much good music this year and now, just released, a stellar new CD out of Miami Florida from Frank's Enemy!

This new EP was released on a very limited edition professionally duplicated CD directly from the band. There were only 50 copies printed and each are hand numbered and signed by Julio Rey of The Lead and also the brainchild for Frank's Enemy. We got 10 copies only and wont be able to get anymore. 

Words from Julio Rey: "This post-Abnormalized release supplements a soundtrack for the times and sums it into a momentary conclusion. The tracks are very diverse on this release, so be prepared for a wonderful journey. One doom/grind blast. One thrashcore. Two neofolks. One trapcore. Newly remixed and REYmastered for this CD. Hand-folded lyric sheet insert. Signed and numbered. And then Frank's Enemy went off for a little nap..."

Words from a fan (Matthew Skipworth): "This a crazy experiment! As the Frank's Enemy page says, it's the whole kitchen sink approach! There is so much in this, so many different genres represented in this wild, chaotic ep. As someone who has been accused as a 'hater/ bigot' simply because I disagreed (politely and respectfully) with someone else's opinion, I have to say I really appreciate 'I Don't Want to Hate'! :) Very cool. :) Favorite track: I Don't Want to Hate."

Track Listing:

1. The Terrible Days

2. The World Left

3. I Don't Want To Hate

4. Dark Summer

5. Postmortem