FLAMES OF FIRE - S/T (2022) [CD] Narnia - Christian Liljegren

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RELEASE DATE: March 19, 2022

Artist/Band: Flames of Fire

Title: Flames of Fire

Release date: 03-19-2022

Catalogue No. CD: MP009CD

Format: CD

Barcode No. CD: 0745687094088

Label: Melodic Passion

Style: Heavy Metal, Hardrock, Power metal

Origin: Sweden


TEASER CLIP: https://youtu.be/8u3jktbcxSA


  • Flames of Fire was formed in 2021 by members from Narnia, The Waymaker, Divinefire, Solution .45, Pain of Salvation, Royal Hunt, House of Shakira, Zaragon, etc. 
  • Flames of Fire members have toured around the world and sold hundreds of thousands of units of their album. This supergroup of heavy metal will hit new ground because of their strong experience in the metal scene and their composing and the way they sing, play and perform live and in the studio. 
  • Vocalist Christian Liljegren is one of the most productive metallers in the metal world. 
  • Christian Liljegren has topped the Metal jury chart in Sweden Rock Magazine with Narnia and Divinefire and album sale charts in Sweden with Narnia’s latest studio album “From Darkness to Light” in 2019. 
  • All members of Flames of Fire have a worldwide fan base who follow the steps of what the members are doing in the metal scene. 
  • Produced and mixed by Jani Stefanovic (Solution .45, The Waymaker, Divinefire, Essence of Sorrow. 
  • Flames of Fire take the listener on a new journey of classic heavy metal for 2022 with a powerful sound.

LINE-UP 1996-2021:

Christian Liljegren - Lead vocals

Mats-Åke Andersson – Guitars, composer

Per Schelander - Bass and backing vocals

Jani Stefanovic – Guitars, Keyboards, drums, producer

Stephen Carlson – Guitars

Additional personal:
CJ Grimmark of Narnia is mastering the album



  1. New Dawn
  2. Gloria
  3. Flames of Fire
  4. Madness
  5. I am
  6. Time to live
  7. Solution
  8. Soldiers of the King
  9. End theme