FIREWOLFE -We Rule The Night (CD) NEW Reign of Glory Nick Layton

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2014 sophomore release from FIREWOLFE 

Speaking to that element, Fire Wolfe and We Rule the Night might be considered a guitar oriented album as Layton's riffs and leads are present and enthusiastic. In the best sense his chops lead many songs like We Rule the Night, Luck of the Draw, and Ready to Roll. But, alternatively and equally, much of the same could be said for the rhythm section in those latter two songs, but elsewhere as well. Yet, with the gruff, but melodic vocals, of David Fefolt factored into the mix, you discover that there is not necessarily a specific musician or interest at the center. In other words, all parts create and inform the song.


1.1 We Rule the Night

1.2 The Devil's Music

1.3 Late Last Night

1.4 A Senator's Gun

1.5 Long Road Home

1.6 Who's Gonna Love You?

1.7 Ready to Roll

1.8 Betrayal's Kiss

1.9 Luck of the Draw

1.10 Dream Child