FIREWOLFE - Conquer All Fear (CD-2021) Reign of Glory

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Features Nick Layton of Reign of Glory

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Latest release from Reign of Glory guitarist Nick Layton's band FireWolfe released in November 2021

In 2020 founding member/guitarist Nick Layton and bassist Bobby Ferkovich (Metal Church) sought to put a new powerful version of FIREWÖLFE together after singer David Fefolt left the band. By recruiting Seattle based guitar shredder Michael David (TKO), virtuoso drummer Marco Bicca (Pamela Moore) and Las Vegas based vocalist Freddy Krumins (James Byrd’s Atlantis Rising), the band was finally set. 

1. Vicious As The Viper 04:58 video
2. Pedal To Metal 03:30 video
3. Conquer All Fear 05:35
4. Swallow My Pride 04:05
5. Candle In The Dark 05:25 video
6. Wages Of Sin 04:20
7. Black And Gold 04:23
8. Keep The Hounds At Bay 04:25
9. Magic (In Your Mind) 04:17
10. Method To Madness 03:57