Fire Throne - Day of Darkness and Blackness [CD]

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2008 Nokternal Hemizphear

01. Nadchodzi Lew (The Lion Is Coming)
02. Upadl Wieki Babilon (Great Babylon Has Fallen)
03. From Rot To Suffer
04. The Rising Sun Will Be Darkened
05. Immortal Eternal Triumphator
06. The Day Of Coming Destruction And Darkness
07. Holocaustfirestorm
08. Going To War
09. Sorrow In My Heart

2004 Demo Tracks:
10. Psalm 88
11. Zbawiciel (Savior)
12. Hail Jesus, Holy Unblack Metal
13. Krew Chrvstusa (Blood Of Christ)
14. Ojcze Nasz (Our Father)
15. Nadchodzi Lew (The Lion Is Coming)
16. Duch Panski (Spirit Of The Lord)
17. Upadl Wieki Babilon (Great Babylon Has Fallen)

Time: 51:30
Media: Digipak (4 panel insert and Polish/English lyrics)
Origin: Poland/USA

"A curse on him who keeps his sword from bloodshed... a curse on him who keeps his sword from slaughter."

Grim, cold, war - laden, old school black metal! Originally released as a very small print back in 2005, this awesome re-release of Fire Throne's debut album "Day of Darkness and Blackness" will quench the black metal hungers of all who crave harsh, raw, apocalyptic-saturated war metal from beginning to end. This limited edition digipak, released under the NH label in 2008, contains the original 9 songs from the debut album and all 8 songs from the 2004 demo (4 of which have never been published)... 17 tracks in all! The digipak has all new artwork, with a sweet full landscape layout throughout the entire digipak, new band photos, and re-mastered tracks by Dharok of Sympathy. With a deep desire to convey a visual message through the darkest of metal genres, Fire (Guitar and Vocals also the metalmind behind Elgibbor!) and Unblasphemer (Percussions), utilizes a multitude of Biblical references to draw a horrific picture in your mind and soul of what is to come. Through life experiences and times of dire, the band has constructed an album in the vein of Bathory, Mayhem, Darkthrone, old Immortal, Burzum, Horde, and the list goes on... reflecting intensely within songs like "Holocaustfirestorm", "Sorrow in my Heart", "Immortal Eternal Triumphator", and "Going to War". Fire Throne once more proves that the rising (and ever-present) holy unblack metal scene reigning from Poland is undeniably infused within the current-day black metal culture whether it is accepted or not... For those who long for more unrelenting and "spit in evil's face, here comes the inevitable end of the world, and Christ the blood dripping warrior of the universe is returning" grim, cold northern (Scandinavianish) black metal here is a collectors' items that will soon rapture if the warning to snatch it up is not heeded before it is far too late...