Final Axe - Axe of the Apostles [Signed CD]

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This is completely out of print! Not to be printed again! Even better these LAST copies are all hand signed by Bill Menchen and Robert Sweet of Stryper who also played on this rerecorded version! Truly a collectible for the Stryper fan and the Bill Menchen fan!

Album Features
UPC: 628740796320
Artist: Final Axe
Format: CD
Release Year: 2006
Record Label: Retroactive
Genre: Hard Rock / Metal

Track Listing
1. Heads Will Roll
2. Burn in Hell
3. Ball and Chain
4. Hangin' by a Thread
5. Dealing With Death
6. Vengeance Is Mine
7. Slaves
8. Metal Missionaries
9. We're Not Heroes
10. Worlds Away

Playing Time: 38 min.