Falling Up - Exit Lights [CD]

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Falling up does it again with their third release on BEC Recordings August, 2006. It is a remix album that is truly creative! This is not just the same songs dubbed over with a funky dance beat, rather these songs have many times totally been remixed including the tempo, vocals, guitars and drums. The result is a fresh look at some of their hits from their first two albums on BEC Recordings as well as a new song and some new instrumental songs.

'The Islander' is the new song and it is an amazing mix of keyboards, guitars, and Falling Up's soaring vocals, kicking off the album with a bang. Another great remix is 'Exit Calypsan' which starts off with an electronic sound and kicks it up on the chorus. Most of the songs are unique enough to listen to and not sound old or overplayed.

The sound is truly unique and the layered mixing of keyboard, synth, piano, and beats just really flows. If you like Falling Up then check this album out and even if you don't and want to go for a sort of industrial/ electronic rock sounding album then don't hesistate to buy Exit Lights!



Exit Calypsan (Into the Ice Cave)

Escalates (Aceramic)

Broken Heart (Ghosts Of Seaside)


Moonlit (Neon Predator)

Bittersweet (A Jedi Force)

Third Lake

Searchlights (Indoor Soccer)

Fearless (250 and Dark Stars)

Contact (Complexus)

Exhibition (Epoison)

Cascades (From the Forest Cascadia)

13 songs 12-page insert w/lyrics.