Everthrone - Evil Tongues [CD]

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This Christian friendly title comes to us courtesy of Divebomb.

Divebomb Records 2013 - BOOTCAMP SERIES #8 - Brandnew US Prog Metal - Produced by Jamie King (Divebomb Remastering Engineer) - limited edition CD - only 500 units pressed worldwide - new artwork - band supplied photos ? full color 8 page booklet with lyrics - includes cover of Real Life's smash hit "Send Me An Angel"

For Fans of: Warlord, Shadow Gallery, Dream Theater, Symphony X, Mayfair, Amaranthe, Amorphis, Circus Maximus

EVERTHRONE's journey began back in 2005 while operating under a different moniker, releasing two highly acclaimed EPs by the end of 2009. It wasn't until the metamorphosis that resulted in

EVERTHRONE being born that the band was truly firing on all cylinders. On their Jamie King-produced debut album, Evil Tongues, the group take their progressive metal sound and underscore it with a synth-driven rhythmic thrust that was so prevalent during the golden age of darkwave in the '80s.

The marriage of forward-thinking heavy metal arrangements and synth-pop might sound a bit risky, but not only does EVERTHRONE make the unlikely stylistic combination work, they also make it all feel seamless and natural, a testament to the group's profound talents. In an age of fly-by-night, Internet hype-driven metal acts, EVERTHRONE march to the beat of their own drummer, giving hope to those who care more about songwriting mastery than the flavor of the week.


1 Silent
2 Remnants
3 The Snake And The Lamb
4 Cast Out
5 I Am Usurper
6 Hope Behind Our Eyes
7 Euphoria
8 Gilded Throat
9 Send Me An Angel