Eternal Decision - Ghost in the Machine (CD) 2021 Remaster

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  • Each CD includes exclusive Eternal Decision foil-stamped trading card (buy all three CDs to get all three collector’s cards)
  • Part of the exclusive Retroactive Records Metal Icon Series
  • Each CD packaged in a jewel case with 12 page collector’s booklet with previously unreleased band pics
  • Each CD booklet has a special write up from Tommy Torres (guitarist)
  • 2021 Remasters by Rob Colwell (Bombworks Sound)
  • Elite vastly improved collector’s edition layouts engineered by Scott Waters (NoLifeTilMetal)
  • Eternal Decision - Ghost in the Machine (1999)
  • By 1996, ED were king’s of the underground metal scene, touring the country, playing nation-wide festivals, and with bands like Extol, Ultimatum, Six Feet Deep, Living Sacrifice +
  • The band made some fame when their song “Hunger” was mistaken over Napster for being the new Metallica song. Millions thought the song was new Metallica!

Eternal Decision put Oklahoma on the map with their 1996 release of the band’s self-titled debut classic thrash album. The world was riding high on all things Metallica and the debut ED mastered the best of Metallica (Master of Puppets, Ride the Lightning, etc). Christian metal fans were elated to have a band with bold Christian lyrics and that popular, addictive hard edged, radio-ready crunchy, chuga-chuga thrash metal. The 1996 album has been out of print for many many years, yet it was released three times by 1999! All of those releases had “issues” and the Retroactive records reissues have been given special attention to make sure fans are rewarded for their patience with the ultimate collector’s reissues (for all three albums). With the second (Ghost...) and third (III) albums, Eternal Decision matures from the thrash-by-numbers perfection of the debut to emphasize huge, massive grooves (ala the Black album and Pantera) to go along with their love of thrash metal. Lyrical themes on Ghost in the Machine deal mostly with addiction and the constant struggle between spirit and flesh: “I need you now / To help me with this pain inside” (“Through the Pain”). The third album (III) features the ultra rare classic Deliverance cover of “Belltown” as it’s bonus track. Now part of the Retroactive Records Metal Icon Series, metal fans can rejoice - these classics are finally available - looking and sounding the best they ever have - and each release includes the numbered collector’s edition foil-stamped trading card to make these CD reissues even more essential purchases.  For fans of Metallica, early Deliverance, Megadeth, Pantera.

1 Breaking 4:33
2 Strength 4:54
3 Ghost In The Machine 2:42
4 Killing Me 3:53
5 Thru This Pain 5:46
6 Blindsided 3:34
7 Scar 5:40
8 Alien 3:52
9 Beyond 4:19
10 Without Shelter 4:26