ENOCH - Killing Starts Where Hate Begins (2020 CD)

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Brand new Australian import from Soundmass 

The first 2020 release from Soundmass is from the new band Enoch

Well, they’re not exactly “new” – they’ve been gigging super regularly for a few years now around the North and South Islands of New Zealand. And “Killing Starts Where Hate Begins” is their 2nd EP… and what a killer it is!

Their sound is such a melting pot of detuned metal that it is hard to know how to describe them, so let’s call them an “alternative metal” band. There is no escaping their thick and heavy groove metal base that brings to mind bands like Pantera or Mudvayne, coupled with tribal drums rhythms ala Sepultura. However, there’s also enough melodic death metal influence to keep extreme metal fans happy as well. Couple this with the alternating sweet/aggressive vocals of Lorraine Brodie – reminiscent of Arch Enemy and Butcher Babies – and Enoch will leave a lasting impression. With their innovative song structures, there is enough variation from track to track that the band is unpredictable and never boring.

Enoch’s in-your-face style is original and fresh… yet familiar. Anyway, instead of us trying to describe the sound of Enoch, why not just check out the lyric video for the song “Stranger” (below). Then pick up thi limited edition CD version no while you can.

Reasons Why

Bonus Tracks
Bow And Be Devoured
Reasons Why (Live)