Encryption - 1999 - 2006 [CD]

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This extremely brutal death metal band originated from Panama. Encryptor was a side band of Phil Diaz of Sorrowstorm. Two very rare official full length recordings by Encryptor got re-edited and re-mastered by Mexican extreme music label Alcance Subterraneo Productions, who re-issued them on one CD early in 2006. Drowning In the Flesh was originally released in 2001, and Sermon Decay was originally released in 2003. A slightly different version of this re-issue was also released April, 2005, on Bombworks Records in the USA with different cover art.

Songs include: 

1 Infernal Catastrophy (Catastrofe Infernal) 4:33
2 Post Mortem Soul (Alma Despues De La Muerte) 5:23
3 Prophecy Of Infinity (Profecia Infinita) 2:40
4 Portal Of Demonic Torment (Portal Del Tormento Espiritual) 3:38
5 The Price Of Submission (El Precio De La Sumicion) 4:11
6 Into The Lives Of The Unblessed (La Vida De Los Impios) 3:54
7 Misfortuned At Birth (Desafortunado Al Nacer) 6:47
8 Drowning In Ignorance (Ahogandose En La Ignorancia) 4:58
9 Rebrutalization (Rebrutalizacion) 4:45
10 Sermon Decay (Sermon En Decadencia) 4:23
11 Horrific Engenderment (Engendramiendo Horrorifico) 2:34
12 Vomit Congregation (Congregacion Putrefacta) 3:28
13 Everything Must Decompose (Todo Debe Decomponerse) 3:59
14 Bloodflow Toward Salvation (Sangre De La Salvacion) 3:53
15 He Was Beheaded (Juan Fue Decapitado) 4:28