Elgibbor - Soterion Apollumi Hamartia [CD]

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The mighty Elgibbor's 9th full length album "SOTERION APOLLUMI HAMARTIA". Blistering holy black metal for fans of Darkthrone, Nortt, A Hill To Die Upon, and more!

Limited to 500 6 panel digi-paks.

Year: 2010
Country: Poland
Style: Unblack Metal


1. A New Warriors King
2. Lord Inquisitor
3. Who Will Have the Victory?
4. The Lord's Devastation of the Earth
5. Purity and Blood
6. Under the Lord's Hammer
7. The Trumpets
8. The Lost Army
9. Never Understanding
Total playing time: 53:36

Current line-up
Fire (Jarek): All Instruments, Vocals (Abdijah, Fire Throne, Guest Frost Like Ashes, No Return to My Vomit, Boanerges (Pol), Blaze (USA))